Not everyone knows how to cite correctly, and lots of students are numb when it comes to that part of their writing assignment. There is something that can save the lion’s share of your time and nerves in that process. It is called the IEEE citation generator—no need to puzzle through how not to make a mistake in the bibliography anymore.

Everything can be done for you, thanks to the IEEE citation machine. This tool brings your text in order by formatting references quickly and efficiently. It is possible to do that right on the website for free. Here you can create citations, projects, and even add notes, or even scan a book’s barcode. 

What is the IEEE format generator?

IEEE or Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers referencing style is very popular in technical areas. Both writers and editors use it efficiently. That specialized organization is a constant companion of IT, computer science, and engineering fields. 

If you need to write a research paper in one of the technical sciences, using this Chicago Manual-based format is the best. IEEE publishes many magazines and journals, so sticking to their academic style is a must. You should learn how to form your references first. A free IEEE citation generator can help you cope with that task quickly and hassle-free.

The IEEE citation website also offers the manual providing guidelines for authors and editors. You can follow all of them before submitting your text for publication to make sure everything is cited and formatted properly. They also recommend consulting the CMS if any questions occur. 

The manual provides additional guidelines on hyphenated words, spellings, dashes’ use in page numbers, capitalization, and so on. The information is very helpful, even for the most experienced writers. 

How free online IEEE citation generator work?

The citation IEEE method supposes to:

  • number the citations;
  • include them in square brackets;
  • exclude all additional bibliographical information (the name of the author, publication date, etc.) — this info is being stated in the list of references at the end of your document only;
  • arrange the list numerically only;
  • insert the citation number in the text before the punctuation;
  • make a single space before the opening square bracket;
  • use the same number of the citation in case it appears several times throughout the text;
  • separate the references by comma/dash within separate square dashes if having several of them;

Citation tips

Depending on the sources types, use different style formats:

  • article titles are enclosed in quotation marks;
  • books/journals titles are typed in italics;
  • the name of the author is followed by his last name;
  • use a colon without any space between the year and page number in case the reference I from a specific page;
  • ‘et al’ is to be used after the author’s last name if there are three and more of them;
  • the name of the author is to be followed by the citation or right after the quotes (if it is a quote);
  • the citations are aligned according to the left edge of the page and go after hanging indentation.

Free IEEE citation maker to facilitate your writing process

If you have just become a student of a technical college or university, you may not be able to cope with your first IEEE cite assignment. Such tasks make lots of students speechless. You shouldn’t be afraid of it because the IEEE generator is your personal and indispensable assistant. The principle of its work is quite simple.

Although it is a very innovative invention, hundreds of students of technical fields already use its advantages. IEEE format generator facilitates the overall process a lot, so why not use it? The tool contributes to your success without even your participation in the process. All you should do is provide the necessary information, such as the subject, author, article title, journal name, volume, issue, page number, publication date, and editor.

Once you provide all the constituents mentioned above, the IEEE citation maker does the rest for you. The formatting is done for you, and you get a 100% result. 

Advices of creating IEEE citations

The IEEE reference generator helps the reader find the reference at the end of the article. Finding the exact source or theory shouldn’t be complicated for the reader. Don’t forget that the format depends on your source’s type, so pay attention, whether it is a book or a website.

  1. If you have no idea whether your citations are made properly, use the IEEE generator and forget about suffering from that task. The tool is excellent, even if you want to check yourself and see whether you cite properly. 
  2. The citation rules are quite complicated and difficult to remember and apply. If you cannot keep all the info mentioned above in your mind, automatize that activity to the maximum. The citations are a pretty specific field and are not less important than your whole work. It is not recommended to neglect writing them correctly. 
  3. The generator is a time-saving and useful tool that composes your bibliography in a matter of clicks. A lot of students hate citing, so if you have something that makes it much faster and easier, use it and avoid all the headaches connected with that activity. 
  4. As an author, you should know that plagiarism is a huge problem in modern times, so being accused of it during working on your research or other paper is not the best thing. Cite properly, and you will never face that problem. 
  5. Forget about Chicago superscripts you used to apply before. Work with square brackets now; they are your key to success.

Your final grade is significant, so you realize that a research paper cannot be written carelessly. Nothing seems to be difficult at first when it comes to referencing. It is very easy to make it all wrong, though.

Even though you may have excellent writing skills, getting lost in referencing is very easy. Entrust this task to experts and be sure that your grade won’t be decreased due to improper citing!