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College life can be very challenging. Students continuously deal with various assignments intended to develop their skills and improve their knowledge. Some of them are interesting. For example, writing an argumentative essay, you can organize your thoughts, define a particular position, and choose words to convince your readers. However, many tasks are not so attractive. A lab report, a term paper, a dissertation, and other papers require you to work on the content and the format as well. It means that you should structure the text appropriately, provide required titles, number pages, type font and size, and so on.
One of the main challenges for students is referencing. Let us tell you more about the American sociological association citation and its features.

What is ASA – American sociological association citation

As you may already understand from the previous sentence, this abbreviation stands for the American sociological association. It is a scientific community with concrete standards for all publications. This format has been widely adopted by sociologists, writers, publishers, researchers, and, of course, students.

When do you need it? Each time when you want to credit someone else’s words and ideas, you should utilize them in your paper consistently and systematically. The good news is that you can use the ASA citation generator for this purpose.

It is a modern AI tool that was created by professional developers. We know how important it is for students to receive support and an opportunity to save time and effort. 

Why do you need it?

ASA citation maker is a useful tool that helps students avoid the most boring part of the writing process: formatting. 

Each time you use sources, you should integrate this material into your paper. That’s why you need in-text citations: they link your ideas with thoughts of other people saving the flow of your content. If you miss some of them or format them incorrectly, your paper may be considered as plagiarism. It is dangerous not for your grade only, but for your academic reputation as well.
The main reason why you need the citation machine ASA is your time. Students have a lot of various assignments, and they can’t cope with all of them. You need to define your priorities, and when you have an opportunity to pause or work on the paper’s content, you shouldn’t think about this choice too long. The ASA generator is your answer.

Advantages of the citation machine ASA

Modern students are fortunate since they have a lot of cut-edge opportunities to make their studies easy and fun. You can find any information you need just in a couple of minutes! But sometimes, it is so challenging to proceed with all this data. Tremendous opportunities often stand for the huge responsibility as well.

We want to introduce to you the advantages of the ASA format generator.

It is free

Yes, it is not a mistake. You shouldn’t pay for anything. The free ASA citation is available regardless of your location, time-zone, device, and so on. It is a perfect solution for students who need help but don’t want to pay for writing or editing services.

It is fast

Working on formatting, you may spend a lot of time. Proofreading takes a couple of hours as well. And if your paper is pretty voluminous, the task is even more challenging. The good news is that the AI doesn’t need time to proceed with your request. Fill in your data, press enter, and blink. The result is already here!

It is secure

We don’t ask you to provide any personal data, so you don’t need to worry about your confidentiality. We use regular cookies to make your user experience nice, but we don’t use your information for any other reasons and don’t share it with third-parties.

It is reliable

The generator uses the latest official edition of the Style Manual, so you shouldn’t worry about the final version. We’ll provide you with a high-quality referencing page that will exceed your expectations!

How does the ASA format generator work?

Before you go deeper and understand our citation machine American sociological association’s principles, you should know all the requirements. They will help you to understand the assignment’s volume. Think whether you’re ready to cope with it yourself.

The first thing students should know is that ASA is a parenthetical reference style. It is based on the author-date documentation system. Many sociologists like this format because there are no pretty distracting footnotes. However, it doesn’t mean that it is easy to succeed without a cite machine ASA.

This way of citing consists of:

  1. In-text citations. You should insert them near the source with the writer’s last name and the year of publication in parentheses.
  2. The References section. It should be the last section of your paper with all sources and full publication data for all of them. 

In short, an in-text citation is necessary if you want to draw readers’ attention to the point in the text where you refer to the source. You need to provide the writer’s name, the publication date, and, if necessary, page numbers, e.g. (Peterson, 2014). If you’re going to provide subsequent references to the same source, you should list them in parentheses by writer and date. 

Each time you use the in-text citation, you must provide a link to a bibliography list. It is also necessary to help your readers find the necessary information.
The ASA citation machine can provide you with an alphabetized list of fully-formatted citations. Once your readers open it, they should have all the data about the source they may use to find it. Pay attention that you should indicate the publication data immediately after the writer’s name.

Some ASA generator examples

We also want to provide you with some examples to show how much work the ASA reference generator does. 

If you mention the writer’s name in the text, it is enough to insert a parenthetical citation with publication date: ….Peterson contends that this doesn’t have enough support (2013).

The next case is when you don’t mention the name in the text. So, you should enclose it in parentheses: …however, it has been argued that this didn’t have enough support (Peterson 2013).

When you need to quote directly from a source or show particular passages, include page numbers, and separate the pagination by a colon without spaces: As tabulated by Peterson (2013:54), the results show…

Of course, these examples are not enough to demonstrate all ASA features. We can’t describe them in one article. And you need a guide with all official requirements to follow. However, we’ve explained that you shouldn’t avoid help, especially if it costs you nothing.

ASA citation website

If you have already worked with various other styles, you may think that ASA has something in common with the APA or the Chicago styles. They have some similarities in appearance and function. However, it doesn’t mean you can use some other guidelines to follow. There are also essential differences, so make sure you follow the ASA citation website. Your professor should provide you with the latest official Style Guide. It was developed to help authors prepare articles for journals. These days it is spread widely and used for any research papers, including theses and dissertations.

Use our generator to come up with a correctly formatted paper and impress your professor!