Free Harvard citation generator

Harvard citation is one of the most required citation styles for students and researchers, and authors. If you are a student, you know that you can use Harvard format for citing the quotes, ideas, and conclusions you find in other authors’ works. This way, none of their authors’ rights will be violated. It is applied for such academic fields as natural, behavioral, social sciences, and humanities. 

The peculiarities of Harvard reference system

This referencing format belongs to parenthetical ones and has the following signs:

  • Citations within the text shown in brackets that include the surname of the author and the year of publication;
  • A reference list of all the sources you cite in your work;
  • Author-date system;
  • No footnotes.

Unlike in-text citations, you should complete the reference list in alphabetical order. This makes it easier for your reader to search for the necessary source. Each item corresponds to the citation in the main body of your paper. 

Providing a bibliography isn’t a must but is required sometimes. If that is the case, you will have to show how far you have gone in your research. A Harvard citation generator will help you format all of your references quickly and hassle-free if you experience difficulties with that process. 

How to use a Harvard Reference Generator

Harvard style citation is not that complicated and is easy to use and understand. When you write lots of pages, though, and use many sources, you can easily make a mistake in referencing and get a lower grade for your assignment. 

Our generator can do everything for you, and the in-text references will be fully formatted in a matter of seconds. No need to worry whether you have made a mistake and check each citation again and again. 

The benefits of Harvard reference generator

  • Gathers knowledge from all over the Internet and converts all the information into a properly-formatted list of the sources;
  • Generates over 1000 citation styles;
  • Provides guides for other styles (IEEE, AMA, etc.);
  • Is very fast and easy.

Using it is as easy as a piece of cake – select the necessary formatting, push the button, and have your references. 

The importance of citing

Harvard reference styles are widely used and very popular yet quite confusing for the beginners and even experienced students. Even though it may scare you, it is essential to write almost any paper, so knowing its basics and how to do it properly is a must for you.

It is effortless to plagiarize even if you are not intended to do it and add your own words. Using referencing tools can help in that case. You can write everything with full responsibility. 

How to avoid plagiarism with Harvard refer generator

If you are confused with the Harvard reference system, using a generator is the most brilliant idea. You have no right to copy the work of other authors, so avoiding plagiarism, by all means, is your duty. Follow this guide, and you will have no problems with any of your papers:

  • Create an outline for the information to be included in your paper;
  • During the process of writing, track all the relevant publications at once, make notes of the authors/editors’ names, year of publication, titles, editions, city/country of publication, and publishers;
  • After writing, always proofread your work, but devote enough time to this stage;
  • If paraphrasing, use your own words only;
  • Use Harvard refer generator to automatize the process. 

Harvard citation reference list 

It is crucial to show the connection between your ideas and someone else’s. Thanks to referencing, doing it is very easy. Take into account that in-text citations are to be included in the final count of words.

When using Harvard style for your references, do the following:

  • The author’s surname and publication date are to be provided in brackets after the information used or at the end of the sentence;
  • State the year of publication in parentheses right after the author’s surname if the author was mentioned in the sentence;
  • State the page number or range after the date within the parentheses when quoting a particular part of the source (not the entire work);
  • Use the first author’s name with the ‘et al.’ abbreviation if there is more than one author.

Using a special tool saves you precious time and helps avoid lots of mistakes and problems with formatting and citing. 

Harvard style citation guidelines

Accurate referencing helps you avoid the problem of plagiarism and show that you have conducted thorough research in the process of writing your work. It is necessary to follow the rules of formatting. Before submitting your paper, it is essential to double-check and proofread the whole piece. Mistakes in references significantly affect your grades, so follow these rules when citing your sources and writing your paper in Harvard style:

  • 2,5cm margins on all sides;
  • A shortened title should be right-aligned and track the page number;
  • The entirety is double-spaced;
  • Each new paragraph has ½ indentation;
  • Use Arial, Times New Roman, or Courier New 12-size font for Windows and Helvetica, Times New Roman, and Courier 12-size font for Mac. Citations should be written in the same font as the rest of your paper;
  • At the end of your article, create a separate bibliography page. 

If you visit a Harvard referencing website, you can check more guidance concerning all the requirements, citing, and referencing. If you have no idea what citation style to use, you can consult your professor. Remember that paying enough attention to citing and referencing is a must for each student. It will be reflected in the result.

Correct references are already half the success of your work. Use a generator to make sure all of your references are in order or unsure how to cite sources correctly. It will save lots of your time, as well as your grades and reputation.