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Referencing is an inevitable part of any writing assignment, and each student faces it sooner or later. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to do it properly. As a result, wrong citing affects your grade, not the best way.

American political science association format is widely used for showing how an author contributes to a new study/research. It is another variation of the Chicago Manual of Style system. Using it is a must when working with political science documents and, especially, those produced within the US government. 

APSA citation generator is a special tool that helps you cope with that complicated task. Why complicated? Because there are tons of nuances in referencing systems, so getting lost and make just a small mistake is very easy. 

What is APSA – American political science association citation generator

The APSA citation is based on the author-date system instead of the notes-bibliography one. Thanks to it, you are directed to the reference list at once. You can still use footnotes in a limited amount, for example, to cross-reference other sources or provide short core material. By no means use footnotes to cite the sources that can be stated in the reference list.

The APSA format is widely used for publications by the American Political Science Association. It is a parenthetical-based system that supposes citing within the text and a full reference at the end of your work in an alphabetical list.

This way, people can read what sources contribute to the research or study and be redirected to the full reference. It makes finding the original source much easier for them. Use that system to help people locate the necessary sources. 

The APSA citation maker does the entire job for you. You do not need to guess how to cite APSA and puzzle it all through. A brilliant tool can produce everything for you taking into account all the details mentioned. If you struggle with that process, the APSA citation machine will facilitate it and do everything automatically. 

The American political science association citation generator is:

  • time-saving;
  • helpful;
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How to cite APSA?

The APSA style citation has the following requirements:

  • two or more constituents;
  • includes the name of the author, publication year, 
  • page number (not necessarily);
  • the citation is included in brackets;
  • the publication year and page numbers are placed within the brackets directly after the name of the author if his/her name was already mentioned in the sentence;
  • the citation is related to a full reference (for authors’ names to be found easily in an alphabetical list);
  • the reference list/bibliography at the end of the work contain the full reference;
  • this format type is Harvard style-alike — contains the name and complete information to ease the process of finding the source.

Why is APSA style citation important?

Although citing may seem unnecessary, do not neglect it. That is a crucial step in the writing process and is necessary to avoid being accused of plagiarism. The citing isn’t aimed to make your life more complicated. Vice versa, it is aimed to recognize the authors and their contribution to a particular study or research.

Plagiarism is not acceptable in any field and, especially when it comes to scientific works. Each student has to cite the sources used to mention the authors whose papers he/she used for writing the work. Plagiarizing something means:

  • providing a part or all of spoken/written statements from book, magazines, speeches, or the internet without quotation marks or proper documentation;
  • providing a portion or all spoken/written statements from files maintained by groups, individuals, or campus organization without quotation marks or adequate documentation;
  • providing ideas, materials’ arrangement, someone else’s thoughts without quotation marks or proper documentation even if you add your own words. 

Plagiarism would be a very serious violation of the author’s rights, even if you didn’t do it on purpose. Provide APSA citations when needed to avoid plagiarism problems, especially if you put so many efforts and time and worked hard on your paper.

Some important tips 

Bear in mind the following when using APSA in-text citation:

  • the style you use has to corresponded to the type of the source;
  • remember that referencing a website is different from citing a book, so you should choose other formats for these purposes;
  • visit the APSA citation website to be aware of how to cite correctly;
  • double-check all the citations. 

Our APSA website citation generator help you

Knowing how to cite APSA is crucial. Suppose you have no idea how to do it, though, no worries. Using a generator will solve tons of your problems related to citing and referencing. You do not even have to be involved much in the process. Just state the details of the work to be cited, and here you go.

The APSA website citation helper will do everything for you. You can consider it to be your personal referencing assistant. Since citing is an essential part of each written work, you can be sure that at least one-third of this work will be done for you.

By visiting the website of the APSA, you can also find lots of very helpful information on citing and referencing that will be very useful for you in the future. Whether you are going to be a scientific author or not, this information may become quite to the point regardless of your future activity.

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If you are a student or an author for a magazine or journal, you need to know the referencing principles. Depending on the type of source, you should use different formats for citing. Not to get lost in them, use free generators, and cope with your referencing within a matter of seconds.