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Writing different student assignments may be a challenging task. And not only for students who don’t have good writing skills. Even if you always come up with excellent essays, you’ll surely be confused when it comes to the citations and reference lists. This part of writing is complicated and time-consuming.

Fortunately, we have created a perfect and free AMA citation generator. It is an AI tool that can help you cope with the formatting and make your life much more comfortable.

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You don’t need to think about such details as formatting anymore. Just use the AMA citation creator and concentrate on the task you like. Though both citations and content can affect your academic performance and reputation, you should take care of the paper’s quality and informativeness.

What is AMA?

Different scientific communities in the USA have created their formatting styles to make papers standardized. It means that if you take several law research papers, they will have the same structure and citation style. The same thing works for social sciences, humanities, and so on.

AMA stands for American Medical Association. So, if you’re pursuing a degree in the healthcare field, you’ll work with this style. It is the official guide with all requirements you should follow. Oxford University Press published it in its 11th edition. Previous versions contain outdated information. You may find the manual dated 1962 that specified the rules for use in the AMA journals. 
The AMA cite style is pretty popular these days. It is used by authors and editors in healthcare fields but also by different scientific journals and textbooks.

Why do you need to use the AMA cite style?

Writing any academic paper, especially a scientific one (the research paper, the term paper, the thesis, etc.), you use various sources to get data. It goes about books, journals, online databases, archives, and even images and social media. Everything these days can be considered a source.

And you should give credit to your sources. The information you use is the accomplishment of other people over time. If they have influenced you, you should mention this in your paper. Firstly, it is just respectful. Secondly, you provide your readers with concrete instructions where they can read about the subject in more detail. And, of course, it is an essential academic requirement. You can’t skip it if you don’t want your paper to be convicted of plagiarism.

When should you cite?

We have already mentioned that you should give credit when you write some things influenced by different authors. Besides, it is important to provide evidence for all data that is not related to common knowledge. It goes about facts that are well-known to all people. For example, “Blood is red.” The number of sources you indicate in your paper depends on your professor’s requirements. In most cases, you need a couple of quotes to support your position. However, sometimes students work on deeper research with a lot of sources to mention. 

It already sounds complicated, and it is. Fortunately, you don’t even need to send us your “cite AMA for me” message. The tool is right here, and there are only a couple of clicks between you and your goal.

AMA in-text citation

The AMA citing style requires superscript Arabic numerals each time when you provide references in-text. Place a list of all of them at the end of your paper. 

Number references in consecutive order. Once you cite the part, you should immediately insert the superscript number in the document. 

Take a look at this example: The study included 15 patients.1

If your task is to cite more than one reference at the same point, you can separate the numbers with commas. Be attentive since you shouldn’t leave spaces in between.

For example: While there were a lot of examples with similar circumstances, 2,3,4, we can’t say for sure that it is true. 

You can also provide superscript numbers inside colons and semicolons: Study A has changed the overall concept5; study B explored no correlations.6
When it goes about more than two references at a given place, you need hyphens and commas without space: As indicated above, 1,5-8,20,23

AMA bibliography

Create a reference list (Don’t title it as bibliography; only ‘References’ is accepted) at the end of your paper. It is intended to provide your readers with full citations. Take care of the numerical order to be the same as in the overall text. 

The reason why our citation generator AMA is so popular is that students simply can’t remember all the details. For example, you should always include the surname, the first and middle initial of the writers without punctuation. If you need to separate two and more authors in a single group, you may use a comma. (For example, Smith B, Anderson W). 

The next thing you should know is that it is important to divide each of your references into bibliographical groups with periods. Each group should contain elements separated with:

  • Comma: if you need to separate closely related items, such as writers’ names.
  • Semicolon. If elements are different. You may use a semicolon between the publisher and the year. 
  • Colon. Once you’ve provided a connective phrase, add a colon between title and subtitle and before the publisher.

We know what you think. AMA bibliography is not a thing you can get easy. What is easy is to forget about something important. Of course, you don’t want to get a bad grade or to spoil your academic reputation.

Use our AMA Citation Generator for Free

If you need to create a reference, you should provide us with:

  • URL;
  • Title;
  • DOI;
  • Another source identifier.

The AMA formatting generator has a special search box where you can copy your data. Choose the source category, and click enter. You do not need to wait, to register, to pay for something. You receive a correct AMA reference in a couple of seconds. Copy it and paste it in your paper. Enjoy the result!

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