Studying at college or university, you will regularly deal with various written tasks. They are important to develop your writing, critical thinking, analytical, creative, and other skills. Regardless of the profession you choose, it is important to show that you can formulate your thoughts, look for the information, and share your point of view with readers.

However, writing is not such a creative task as people may think. Sometimes you have nothing literally in your head but should come up with a decent paper on tight deadlines. Students may spend hours sitting in front of blank lists thinking of the content. And that is not all. Once you’ve finished the text, you need to format it appropriately according to particular standards. 

We want to tell you about our ACS reference generator, which is intended to make your life easier. Using this perfect AI tool, you won’t spend too much time on formatting your paper. 

What is ACS – American chemical society citation machine?

As you see from the title, ACS stands for American chemical society. You may already know that there are different scientific communities with their rules and standards. Psychological papers can’t have the same structure and features as law ones. So, if you’re pursuing a degree in chemistry or related sciences, you’ll most likely deal with ACS. 

So, when do you need ACS style citation?

Any time when you use someone else’s information! If you provide a quote or a thought inspired by the other author, you should credit the original work. There are several reasons. The first one is that it is important to provide your readers with a list of references. If they want to find more information on your topic, check data, conduct their research, they need to open your ACS citing bibliography and use it. But speaking honestly, not all students think of their readers. They want to submit the paper on time and get a good grade. And this is a convincing reason to use the appropriate format. If you ignore it but still use someone’s quotes, it is plagiarism. The academic community doesn’t accept it, so don’t even try to deliver a paper that is not unique. 
Before you try our American chemical society citation machine, we want to provide you with some basic knowledge of this style.

How to do ACS citation

The first thing you should understand is that the ACS format citation consists of 2 parts:

  1. In-text citation.
  2. Full reference list.

Students have three ways to choose from when they need to provide in-text citations. It goes about superscript numbers, author-data system (when you indicate the author name and year of publication), and italic numbers in brackets.

The second part of the ACS style citation is a chapter with bibliographic information with all sources you’ve used in your paper. 

You may think that there is nothing complicated. But it is important to understand that there is no strict ACS citing rules that you can follow. Depending on your book, whether it is one in a series, whether you cite it in part, or it has several editions, the standards will be different. Speaking about the most often format, you should provide:

  • the writer’s name;
  • title;
  • date of publication;
  • publisher;
  • place of publication. 

But there are still a lot of details you should consider. Many students spend weeks and still don’t know how to do ACS citation. And there is the main thing: it doesn’t make you a better student or a smarter one. If your paper is flawless in its format, it means you’ve wasted a lot of time to craft it. What if you devoted that time to something else? Something more important, or, at least, more pleasant? ACS format generator was created to help you with this. 
You don’t need to check the ACS citation website, trying to understand which requirements are relevant. Our AI tool knows it all.

How can you use the ACS bibliography generator?

All you need to do is copy your citations and paste them in the special search box. Select the category and click enter. That’s it! You’ll see the result in a couple of seconds. Our ACS bibliography generator works very fast, providing you with high-quality results. 

We work with students from different countries, and therefore know that you have the same problems. Studying chemistry is a challenge, so you should devote a lot of time for your assignments. When it comes to writing, you still have a lot to do. For example, you may think about your research, gathering quantitative and qualitative data, gaining insights, etc. You don’t think about ACS referencing.

Take a look at the list with reasons why other students use our creator. You may find yourself in one of them.

They don’t have time

Formatting is not the fastest task since you need to read all your papers several times, define citations, and indicate them correctly. It is so easy to miss a comma or a bracket. How can you think about informativeness if you’re worried about such things?

You may think it is better to hire a professional writer or editor who will provide you with a custom paper. But it is not necessary. You can use the ACS citation creator absolutely for free, and save your time!

They have a low budget

We’ve already indicated this reason, but it is essential. You can easily find the writing service these days since there are a lot of options. Some of them offer affordable prices, but it doesn’t mean that all students want to pay for their papers. You may want to write the lab report or the term paper on yourself without using someone else’s services. It is very good because that’s why you’re studying.

But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use free services. You don’t have to pay any money to format your paper correctly. It would be a huge mistake to miss such an opportunity! 

They need support

We won’t be surprised if you say that you are under a lot of stress due to the workload. It is a common problem in the 21st century. Of course, you can’t just ignore your assignments when you need to relax.

But you can make your life a bit easier. Just delegate tasks you don’t like. Our generator will cope with all commas and brackets. Enjoy the final result!